5 Ways to Keep your Children Active During Summer Vacation

It’s the moment your kids have been waiting all year for, and the moment you’ve been dreading. School’s out and summer vacation is here!

For your kids it means sleeping in, staying up late, swimming and total freedom for the next few months. But for you it’s a scheduling nightmare. How are you going to keep your children busy and their brain active all summer?

There are many ways you can keep their brain and body active when school is out of session.

  • Summer camps. No matter where you live, there are many day camps for kids of all ages and passion. Music, art, sports, religion and more. The choices are practically endless. Check out summercamps.com to find what type of camps are offered in your area
  • Grab a book (or two). Your local library is a great resource to keep their brains active and learning during the summer. Many libraries will offer a reading club at no charge with incentives for the kids to read as many books as possible. The library is also the perfect rainy day hang out spot.
  • Play in the dirt. Planting a garden is a fun activity and a great way to teach kids responsibility and instill in them a love of nature. Kids will enjoy choosing what to plant and will probably be more likely to eat something they grew themselves. Of course, not all vegetables or flowers will thrive in the summer heat so check with your local plant store first.
  • Be active. Nobody wants to spend a warm summer day indoors. Take a walk to the local park or playground. Ride bikes to the pool. Plan a backyard picnic for lunch. Take a tour of your local fire or police station. The possibilities are endless. Put on some sunscreen, head outdoors and see what new adventures await right in your own neighborhood.
  • Get to work. Just because its summer doesn’t mean household chores can be neglected. Rooms still need to be kept clean, beds made and laundry folded and put away. Set an hour or two aside in the morning for chores and reward them with free time or some other incentive later in the day.

Whatever you decide this summer remember to have fun. All work and no play is a drag. We all need a break from time to time, but there’s no need for your child to be planted in front of the TV all day.

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