Three numbers every current (or future) homeowner must know

Your Local Market Experts

Even if moving isn’t in your immediate game plan, every homeowner should know the state of the local real estate market. And, if you’re considering buying, selling or investing in the future, it’s even more important to understand certain economic conditions and how they might impact your decision.

This boils down to knowing the following three factors about your local market:

  1. The median home price

    Instead of the average home price, the median offers a better representation of the market, giving you the middle price for all homes in your area.

    2. The local days on market

    The average number of days a home in your area stays on the market gives you an idea of how quickly a home might sell.

    3. The months supply of inventory

    Knowing how many homes are available for purchase offers a picture into the current market climate.

Our comprehensive market analysis includes these three numbers, along with additional calculations, so together we can determine the state of the market and the true value of your home or the one you buy next.

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